sound of the bird pulled me out of my

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sound of the bird pulled me out of my

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sound of the bird pulled me out of my sleep. Although it was a bit annoying to wake me up by the bird, I think it is still very enjoyable. When I wake up in the morning, I can put my thoughts on the flowers and birds. In the midst of thinking about who the bird is talking to, what are you talking about, the scene is so beautifuln today's society Online Cigarettes, everyone is arbitrarily killing birds for the immediate benefit. Who are the people who are hunting, have you ever noticed their helpless eyes when you are catching birds? How much they hope to live freely in this world! Now I will show you a set of research reports:A nest of swallows can eat 65 Marlboro Cigarettes Price,000 aphids every summer, and a Swift feeds 250,000 mosquitoes every summer. A pair of gray magpies can kill 20,000 pine caterpiles each year, and a lark bird has 30,000 insectivores per year. Woodpeckers can smash out locusts in 80% of their trunks in winter.It is estimated that there are as many as 3 billion rodents in China, causing a loss of 10 billion kilograms of grain per year. The amount of food lost due to rodent damage exceeds the total amount of food imported throughout the year Wholesale Cigarettes. According to the number of 2,000 wild hunters per year, each of them can save 40,000 square meters of grassland and farmland from rodents; each owl can capture 1,000 voles in one summer and can take thousands of gram from the rat mouth. food.irds are an indispensable part of the global ecosystem. For humans, the material and spiritual benefits that birds bring to humans are incalculable Marlboro Cigarettes Online.Human beings, birds are the most loyal friends of our humanity. Why do we have to kill an innocent and lovely life? We use various methods to kill the birds, and sooner or later they will be extinct; the Indian chief once said in the letter, "If there are no animals, what will humans do? If all the animals die, humans will perish. Come on The fate of animals will eventually come to humans." It is conceivable that birds, how important it is to us.According to the World Conservation Birds Convention, the annual International Day of Love for Birds on April 1st allows us to start with bird protection from birds, so that birds can have a beautiful home and allow birds to inhabit. A happy and trouble free paradise!et us begin to respect each bird today Cigarette Online, love every bird, and let them live happily and without worry in this world!
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