My hometown is famous for its

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My hometown is famous for its

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My hometown is famous for its economic development Cigarettes Cheaper, beautiful scenery and rich products. Just Yang Mei, thegmei's body is round and she has a big "beer belly". It is a standard little fat man. The newly emerged bayberry is covered with shallow, hard thorns, like a small hedgehog; a small bubble of mature Yangshui. The bubble is filled with sweet water with sourness. As soon as you bite it, the bright red juice will overflow from it.n Yang Meigang grows out, the color is white and red, as if it is a little girl covered with thick rouge; the ripe bayberry is dark red, this is the bayberry is very delicious; mature bayberry It is black, but in fact, this is that Yangmei is not black, but it is too red, red is black, and the Yangmei at this time is enough to make people drool. There are many varieties of bayberry in Cixi, each with its own characteristics, among which Yangmei of Yangmei Mountain is the most. Once, our family went to Yangmeishan to play, and when they came back, they brought a large bucket of bayberry. My mother just washed Yangmei up, and my brother and I rushed to grab Yangmei Marlboro Gold Pack. My brother was too greedy. I saw that he was holding three big, red, red bayberry in one hand. The other hand picked up four bayberry from the bowl. There were at least two bayberry in his mouth. The drum was like a dragonfly. . After eating Yangmei, we found out that we were "drunk", and even the strength of biting tofu was gone.ei is not only very delicious, but also contributes to the development of her hometown over the years. upon a time, the people in Yangmeishan area were poor because of their hardships. When Yangmei matured, they were afraid of people coming and going, increasing their burden of living and being difficult to cope with. Therefore, the locals handed down a folk song: "Yang Meibai, please visit others; Yang Meihong, ears��; Yang Mei Wu Zi, people are scared to death."ays, people not only give Yangmei as a valuable seasonal fruit to their relatives and friends, but also sell them at home and abroad by means of airplanes and other means, and also specially hold the Yangmei Festival. During the ripening season of the bayberry Marlboro Cigarettes, the annual Yangmei Festival begins. Whenever the Yangmei Festival comes, the fruit farmers will pick out the best Yangmei from their own family and take it to the competition to see who is good Marlboro Red 100S. Then, with other fruit farmers, they can exchange their own experiences for the past year, and strive for the better of the next year. During the Yangmei Festival, many visitors came here and they were very busy.hometown Yangmei Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I love you! Love your sweet taste, love your dark red tourist color, love your cute shape like a pom-pom. I love Yangmei in my hometown and love my hometown!
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