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I remember when

СообщениеДобавлено: 09 ноя 2019, 11:23
I remember when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, once, my mother arranged me to write homework, a breeze, blowing up a sheet of tempting paper on the desk, and blowing my mind into just buying. Come back, only part of the "Naughty Horse Jump" episode. My mother didn't feel that my thoughts had already flown away with this breeze, and I continued to arrange the things I should pay attention to in my homework. I worked hard and showed a very hard work. Because I know that there are eyes that still "catch" me! In order not to reveal the flaws, I had to write homework. Mom saw me so obedient Newport Cigarettes Coupons, nodded with relief and walked away with confidence. I wrote for a while, stopped, and turned back: "Call", my mom is not there, I started "action". I took out "Naughty Bao Ma Xiao Jump" and opened the book, one page, two pages... I am hungry. The wolf, read greedily. I am very happy and very embarrassed - this kind of thief taste Cheap Cigarettes. However, I have tried this trick repeatedly and I am happy. I am immersed in the ocean of the book; the humor of the characters makes me stunned; the plot is vivid and makes me immersive... Suddenly, the climax of the book is coming, I am staring at the words that will "act" With both hands holding the paper uncomfortably Online Cigarettes, my heart pounded. "Hey, hey...", hey, how come there are other voices! When I reacted, I was caught by my mother in elementary school. I prefer a humorous and vivid novel. It is sometimes funny and sometimes thrilling. I think this is a good book in the mouth. Junior high school--Experience life in the reading of classics, the first day, my mother bought a copy of the "Reader" for me, I opened it, I don't understand, it's too esoteric. At this time, Dad personally arranged my reading plan, and gave an analysis to the author of this joint article, telling me that the authors of the articles were all writers of the Republic of China. At that time, famous writers were especially His works have been passed down to people for a long time. It is worth reading and understanding. For each article, Dad asked me to write a few words at the end of the article and express my own testimony. This training method has gradually improved my Literary literacy and writing level, I have experienced life philosophy in reading classics. I will go to high school, university, and society in the future. The book is changing, it becomes a variety of things; its taste will definitely change, and it will become more profound... I picked up the book, tried it with my heart, grew up with my heart, and explored the endless books.
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