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Unconsciously, I gradually became indifferent to the network. The reason is very simple and ridiculous. I really can't understand the long list of new words that come out of the cracks in the stone. To give an example, my mind is also blank. Even if there is a kind of understanding that seems to be ignorant, it seems that within a few days, those words have disappeared from my mind. I think I seem to be immune to these "Martians", or why others always look at me when I am tempted to laugh at 90, I don't know if this situation is a laggard, I admire Jobs and appreciate him. Talent, creation and excellence in products, but I am sorry that I have never seen the products of his old products, let alone become a glorious "Apple fan". Many of my peers around me have turned their backs on the trend of catching up with the trend of electronic products. Listening to them is the way to talk. The desire to envy is also ruined, or honestly guarding the mobile phone that has long been wronged into an alarm clock. In the age of science and technology, I don��t know if this situation can be considered to be outdated. It��s hard to imagine what it would be like if the ancient emperors saw all kinds of cross-over dramas. Maybe some are crying and crying. The play is certainly another way of performing history, but the over-the-top story really makes people feel like an idol drama in a costume Chasing the story has become a fashion, but there is no fanatical love can not be done, my patience in this regard has always been very poor Online Cigarettes, so I had to lock the news channel alone. Watching TV like this, I don��t know if it��s outdated, but I��m more willing to immerse myself in the ocean of the essence language. The exquisite and elegant words resemble the hand-knitted brocade brocade, which reveals the nobler feelings in a beautiful way. I love the unique demeanor of writing. I am more willing to return to the essence of things than to tirelessly catch up with fashion trends and look forward to the plot. The mobile phone is nothing more than calling, texting, reading history and reading it as it is, and it��s true. Any beautiful decoration is created by others, and only time is self-processable Marlboro Lights. I am self-satisfied.
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