There are thousands

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There are thousands

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There are thousands of roads in the world. I don��t know how many roads lead to the bookstore. The road to the bookstore that I mentioned refers to the road to the bookstore when I was a soldier. At that time, our military barracks were located in the town of Yulin Township, Xuchang City, Henan Province, just 20 kilometers away from Xuchang Xinhua Bookstore. This "road to the bookstore", I don't know how many times I have passed, and I have passed the book fragrance all the way, which left a deep impression on me. When I was in the company, I went to Xuchang City to buy food, when I learned about it. When the staff member was a fellow in Shandong, I bought him a good meal. I am very close to him: "Qiu Banchang Marlboro Red 100S For Sale, please wait a moment, I want to buy a few books at Xinhua Bookstore." The surname Qiu��s supporter readily agreed: "Well, go. Go back soon." "Great Liberation" stopped at the Xinhua Bookstore not far away, and I quickly jumped out of the car and went straight to the Xinhua Bookstore. At that time, there were not so many books in Xinhua Bookstore. The classification was very clear. I picked up a few college entrance examination materials and literature books and hurriedly returned. This was the first time I went to Xinhua Bookstore after I became a soldier, and I opened it. My way to the bookstore. Just after the company was not in the company for a long time, I became a company and a cultural instructor. I was free when I went out. In addition, I was very familiar with the chief of staff and the supporters. They were very familiar with each other, and they borrowed people from Xuchang to buy vegetables. It is more convenient to go out. I have no other purpose when I go out, just go to the bookstore and buy books. Because I was in the process of reviewing cultural knowledge and preparing to go to the military academy for the coming year, I had to change the purchase review materials at each stage. I also like news, literature, etc. I want to buy some books in this area and learn more about theoretical knowledge and writing skills. Ever since, I have thought of a turn in the bookstore every ten days and eight days, buy a book I like, and browse other books. At that time, some comrades said that they could not afford to buy books, and I felt that although the allowance was less than ten yuan, I could not smoke or drink alcohol. It was enough to buy books and daily necessities. Moreover, the books at that time were very cheap, and some With only a few cents, I still cherish the books I bought in the past. I have to find out that a copy of "Creation Talk" has only nine cents, and a book of Goethe lyrics is only five cents and six cents. "The Writer's Experience" is only six cents. Therefore, it was still affordable to buy a book at the time. I remember that Xuchang Xinhua Bookstore was next to a junction of Bayi Road. It was very convenient. After a long time, the company��s grocery shopping cart came to me and put me down. When I returned to the barracks, I took it back. So I have it. When you have enough time to visit the bookstore, you can really enjoy your eyes and read a book you like. At that time, the managers in Xuchang Xinhua Bookstore were almost all women. If they had a better attitude, they would be able to read more books. When they encountered a bad attitude, they would raise their hearts and hang their daring. If you look at it, you have to buy it quickly. If you don't buy it for a long time, the waitress will impatiently urge: "Don't look at it, buy it when you are optimistic." "Do you want this?" The waiter was so eager to feel so embarrassed. Sometimes I felt that the first half of the book was good, and I didn��t know what the second half would be, and I would reluctantly retreat. Some good books would be lost. It��s like watching it out now, even if you don��t buy a book, you can watch it all over the bookstore. Because I often go to the bookstore, I and the waiter are also familiar with each other. In order to read more books and try to buy good books, I have maintained friendly relations with most waiters, and the time for reading has gradually grown. With new books and good books, they have I also actively recommended to me. During my service, I purchased more than 70 books in the bookstore, such as "Algebra", "Ancient Chinese Analysis", "Literature Description Dictionary" Cigarettes 100'S, "Prose Selection", "Writer Experience", etc. , filled with a full box. No wonder the comrades say, "I don't know how you are learning. Just look at your desk and it's scary. In fact, the road to the bookstore is not good. Every time I go to Xinhua Bookstore, I read many books and returned. When I was in the barracks, I bought a lot of books and read them in a planned way. I took nutrition from the books and enriched my mind. For example, the book "Selection of Prose" (Volume 2) that I bought has made me love it. It contains 140 famous essays from 46 famous artists including Mao Dun, Fang Zhimin, Ba Jin, Lao She, Ai Wei, Xiao Hong, Yan Kejia, Yan Wenjing and Ke Ling. Mao Dun's "Thunderstorm before", "Landscape" and "White Poplar" "Lecture", Fang Zhimin's "Lovely Chinese Communist Party", Ba Jin's "Bird's Paradise" "About <Home>", Xiao Hong's "Reminiscence of Mr. Lu Xun", Lao She's "Thinking Beiping" are all famous masterpieces. He took this "Prose Selection", quietly read it, and communicated with many prose writers in the soul. In the elegant and warm artistic atmosphere, he experienced the philosophy of life, the true meaning of life, the temperament, the feelings, and the feeling. A kind of kind of pleasure and fun. Open the now-yellow "Writer Ai Experience", which brings together Liang Xiaosheng's "Short Story Creation Talks", Jingfu's "Before Apple Falls", Wang Wen Shi's "My Self-Study" Newports 100S Price, Gu Hua's "Cold Water Tea is Slow", Jiang Zilong's "Road, Bend" and Ye Wenling's "Heart Call" and other 28 writers' experiences. The words are written as follows: "Twenty-eight writers talked about: How did you start to engage in literary creation, what difficulties and frustrations have been encountered, how the first work was written and published Marlboro Red 100 Carton, what is the success of the work? Written, how to accumulate life, explore themes and plot the plot, what issues to pay attention to when writing. "I have studied "Doing more attention to life cells" with Han Yingshan; I learned from Yang Maolin "Write the deepest feelings of myself"; with Zhou Keqin Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, I learned "Before the sleeves, the book is in the back"; with Wang Hanzhang, I learned "Refining from Life". These are the valuable experiences that writers have accumulated and refined in their in-depth life. After reading, I feel that I have benefited a lot. I also read about the ideas, life, skills, styles and other aspects of creation from Gao Xiaosheng��s "Creation Talk"; In the Dictionary of Literary Descriptives, I have learned the descriptions of portraits, expressions, psychology, movements, and languages; I have learned various writing methods from Writing, and I have learned a lot. The road to the bookstore "I have been away for six years. I don't know how many times I have traveled. That is the foundation for my literary work. Now that I have left the army for many years, I still remember the road because it is the road to my literary enlightenment.
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