Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC Most Anticipated Shoes

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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC Most Anticipated Shoes

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The NBA All-Star Weekend is coming, and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG UNC for the All-Stars will soon be officially on sale. Recently, a set of official details was released, let us feel the unique charm of these shoes at a close distance. The all-star host city of Charlotte is part of North Carolina. This pair of shoes is also a perfect inheritance of the noble North Carolina "blood." The deep and light uppers of the blue patent leather are exceptionally clean against the white background. The unique color matching and high-profile appearance make this pair of shoes the most popular shoes in February.

UNEFEATED designer KB Lee co-directed the E.U. brand and joined 2019 Mens Jordans this year to create a pair of very avant-garde Emotionally Unavailable x Nike Air Force 1 High shoes. Recently, a new set of physical details was exposed, let us take a quick look. Emotionally Unavailable x Nike Air Force 1 High upper with E.U.'s iconic red color, the upper strap and the midsole are contrasted with simple white makeup. The blessing of the pink terry embroidery highlights the sweetness and the cuteness. The tongue and the strap are embroidered with the E.U. lettering, which highlights the unique co-branded identity, and the dissolved heart pattern on the inside of the tongue is the finishing touch. The ingenious zipper design undoubtedly enhances the playability, allowing you to switch between hip hop and avant-garde.

The Air Jordan 11 has always been called the “king of sneakers” by sneaker players, and the shoes seem to have disappeared after the release of “Concord” at the end of last year. The new color has finally been exposed recently, and it has also brought good news to the fans of Air Jordan 11. 2019 Sneakers Release exposed the physical details of the Air Jordan 11 Low white snake on Instagram. Air Jordan 11 Low SE The "Snakeskin" shoe is different from the traditional nylon material. This time, the "Bunny Bugs" is the same white matte leather. The classic patent leather material is changed to white and black python texture, the body and insole details are complemented by red accents, and finally the milky white jelly outsole is finished, which is both gorgeous and wild.
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