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Affordable Avalanche The Architect Blog

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Here's What You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect
This one is perfect for those who love rap and pop music. Avalanche, a rapper who brought back 90s rap into the forefront of hip-hop. His New song Talk The Talk was released about a month ago, and received over 150 thousand views on it. The concept behind the song was rappers being blamed for their lyrics. Avalanche, too, has been accused of committing a crime with his lyrics. Avalanche is a rapper who has won over the world. His videos receive millions of views. His Twitter feed is frequently updated , and he has thousands of Likes. Avalanche is also an entrepreneur and runs his own business online and on social media. His YouTube is full of his amazing hip-hop videos. Each one of his videos attracts many viewers every day. The passion and the talent of Avalanche is what makes him a favorite around the globe. Have a look at this Toronto Rapper site for info.


About Avalanche The Architect
Avalanche (a 90s-era rapper) is determined to transform the music industry with his content. Being born in America Avalanche has lived most of his life in America. He is representing his country in his music. He is currently living and working in Toronto. He is famous for his ferocious, aggressive Rapping. His unique style of delivery coincides with his distinctive rhyme structure. His vocal power is complemented by lyrics which tell the tale about his life. The dedication to his art is primarily based on the discipline he acquired through his own as well as professional MMA training and fighting. With a variety of videos on Youtube his online presence is gaining online popularity daily. Avalanche is the Toronto-based musician and producer is working hard to record and prepare an entire album and an album mixtape. The artist is planning to release both albums within the next year.

Toronto rapper Avalanche The Architect from Toronto isn't new to controversy. The Architect's latest single "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Shoo Kill" has caused quite a stir! The 5-minute, 40-second wartime anthem has the lyrics of 57. This is literally more than 10 references per minute. However, don't let it get too complicated even though it is a violent version of the song it's an amazing masterclass in metaphors similes, double entendres clever wordplay, and punchlines that would knock top boxers out of their seats. "I ain't giving you chances in exchange for an opportunity" or "Rubix cube in the manner I'm spinning it" this goes on for more than 5 minutes. The song is reminiscent of Canibus's 100-bar song from the late 90s. Avalanche is perhaps the most sleep-deprived lyricist in the game. Because of his harsh, loud voice and the ability to unleash a barrage of rage in a loud, loud voice, I believe that this is due to his lack of lyricism. If you're talking about lyrics that are heavy on bar, I'd put him up next to Big Pun and Lloyd Banks. Check out this Lyrical rapper website for more.


It's clear that his music doesn't draw on stories he hasn’t experienced. As he said "There's no social club within the city that doesn't know my name. Ask the mob. I'm performing contract murders all by myself." I didn't meet Avalanche in an Portuguese café or a social club in College street. It is an area of Toronto Canada that is well-known for its "Soprano" types of activities. I was taken aback by how comfortably he blended into the black community in this particular environment. Avalanche explained how his name comes from his martial arts coach. He explained that the way he was fighting in similar fashion to Avalanche. His neighbors were referring to him as the Architect because of his friendships with all kinds of people.

I was able to see Avalanche's architect-side when I hung out with him during the day. I was able to see the Architect side of Avalanche by hanging out with him at the biker clubhouse party. Let me conclude by saying that Avalanche the architect is a true rapper who is deserving of being recognized. Check out this twitter website for details.

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