They take in different forms when traditional resumes evolve

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They take in different forms when traditional resumes evolve

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BEIJING Jose Canseco Jersey , Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- Last Friday, a Chinese choreographer paid tribute to Oscar Wilde with a ballet rendition of "The Nightingale and the Rose."

In seven years Wang Yuanyuan and her crew have emerged from obscurity to fame at home and abroad. At 19, Wang founded Beijing Dance Theater in 2008 and directed the dancers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics later that year.

"We have had invitations to major theaters and festivals in 30 countries over the past seven years. This is something that I take a lot of pride in," Wang said.

Speaking of the founding of the troupe Joe Morgan Jersey , however, she seemed almost tired. "We have had to think a lot about whether to continue over the years," she recalled, "others cannot see the sacrifices we made behind the scenes."

A lack of funding has been a major obstacle. Not long after the founding of the company Jed Lowrie Jersey , private entrepreneurs offered to sponsor the troupe as a publicity venture. Wang said no, without a second thought.

"Ballet is an art form, and should not be interfered with by 'new money ' who often have really bad taste," Wang said Glenn Hubbard Jersey , stressing that they would never let the integrity of their art suffer for financial gain.

The difficulties have not keep Wang and her troop from moving forward. Wang believes it was their true love for contemporary dance that drove them to create fantastic performances.

"Also, the fact that more and more modern dances are performed in theaters in China suggests that Chinese people are starting to accept and appreciate this art form," Wang added. "It served as an inspiration to us as well."

All of Wang's works combine classic and modern elements, while blending the best of Chinese and Western culture.

Wang's troop has won applause from foreign critics for her adaptations of Chinese classics.

Wang also champions the adaption of Western literature for the Chinese stage. In 2014 Dennis Eckersley Jersey , her crew performed a ballet adaption of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet."

"There is no need to get frustrated over whether you should stick to one particular style," said Wang. "You should always be true to your heart, instead of making a stiff choice."

This has not only led to the success of Wang and her troupe on the international stage, but has also introduced Chinese culture to the rest of the world.

"Dance and music is a language Dave Henderson Jersey , these art forms help us to communicate with the foreign audience. We are introducing Chinese culture in a way that can be understood," she said.

"We perform the absolute art of dancing and represent China on the international stage. We are teaching the world about Chinese art through our performances." she noted. "Perhaps that's what the 'Chinese Dream' means to me!"

Since the advent of Information Technology, we have been ushered to the next level of advancement. Information revolution has somewhat made everything digital. The use of paper has been strictly reduced to being used in schools and for certain documentations. Even writers are not writing, rather they are typing their books Catfish Hunter Jersey , if we stick to the use of words.

Even resumes which are a record of our education and experiences have not been left unaffected. Digital versions of resumes have come up with a plethora of various distinct features. The traditional black and white list formatted resume with a cover letter has come a long way and now become tech savvy. The digital versions have received a warm welcome from the world of job seekers.

They take in different forms when traditional resumes evolve into digital ones. Let’s explore some of the aspects and see what they have got in their cookie bag.

A website of your own

A new trend of having a personal website is in vogue now. If you have a personal website, it’s a great platform to showcase your passions, thoughts and experience whether you’re searching for a job or seeking partnership in a business. If it’s named after you, your visibility on the net is probably high. You can list your resume on it so that viewers can learn more about you.

Video Resumes

Your traditional resumes can be complemented with a well edited and informative Video resume. They enable you to showcase your personality Alejandro De Aza Jersey , which is quite impossible in case you are adhering to the traditional cover letter resume package. They are prerequisites for artists and other performers. In the video there can be shots of you doing your work.

Document-sharing websites

Websites such as Slide Share or Scribd are the buzz word. All you have to do is upload your DOC or PDF version of resume to them and viewers can download and share them from there. The thing is that these sites often appear at the top of the search enquiries for an individual’s resume. So if anyone is searching on Google for your resume, he or she is likely to stumble upon your version of the uploaded resume. There is nothing like you can’t revise what you have uploaded and the URL doesn’t change with each revision either.


A professional’s online presence can be accentuated if he is using LinkedIn. It has become the standard online professional network and appears near the top of search enquiries involving people. It’s a combination of a resume, cover letter, reference document and a moving database of your contacts. As you gear up in your career Oakland Athletics Hats , your network can easily observe your change in jobs and positions as it has been programmed that way and linked to your email.

The Visual CV

This virtual resume allows you to pull all kinds of interactive content into a traditional resume formats with additional links to blog posts. Charts and graphs can also be added to enhance the look. It serves as a great digital portfolio and can really dress up the traditional.
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