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Brian Burns has the athleticism to be something special if the Panthers use him correctly."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomPanthers 2019 NFL DraftBrian Burns has the potential to be an impact player in his rookie year for the Carolina PanthersNew ,15commentsBrian Burns has the athleticism to be something special if the Panthers use him correctly.EDTShareTweetShareShareBrian Burns has the potential to be an impact player in his rookie year for the Carolina PanthersBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY SportsI admit that I set out to find some analysis that backed up my preconceived notions of Carolina Panthers rookie defensive end Brian Burns. I’m of the opinion that quick, light defensive ends are only third down specialists that are too much of a risk to ever play all three downs. After all, Burns played at around 235 pounds last season which is linebacker weight in the NFL. I’m happy to report that I found very little analysis that was as dire as my preconceived notions. In fact even those that acknowledged his weight is a concern felt that it was something that would be alleviated after a short time in the NFL. Athleticism and intangiblesWhat every pundit agrees on is that Burns is an elite prospect at getting around the edge. It starts with an above average first step followed by the flexibility to bend around the edge. In the tape I have watched his spin move is very refined, to the point he loses very little speed on the spin. Pass rushing skillTalk about technical know-how when it comes to rushing the passer, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a rookie provide this kind of detail on how to execute a spin move:Opposing offensive tackles might want to what out for that Burns liver chop! So as good as Burns is getting around the edge he has actually had more production rushing inside with the spin move Dontari Poe Color Rush Jersey , a perfect counter to the edge rush. Coverage skillsIf the Panthers play Burns in a 3-4 alignment he certainly will be expected to drop into coverage times. He appears to have the athleticism and smarts to play in coverage we really have little tape to draw from. Run stopping skillsThe consensus seems to be that Burns is very good in pursuit from the backside but can be washed up when directly run at. Burns has the quickness to counter with a quick move to set the edge provided he recognizes the play. He has shown some ability to do that. For this reason Burns will most likely rotate in a third downs as a rookie.SummaryI think this evaluation from NFL Draft Network is my favorite. While it addresses my concern regarding Burns weight it also doesn’t think it rises to the level of the proverbial ‘red flag’.So add another ‘best trait’ to Burns resume…football IQ. You have to think fast to be fast in the NFL.What we can expect as a rookieAgain from Sports Illustrated, Burns’ entry into the NFL could be very similar to his entry into the college ranks. He starts as a third down specialist until he can optimize his weight and strength. I will point out that in spite of being a back-up pass rushing specialist as a freshman at FSU he led all freshman in the nation in sacks with 9.5. I’d take that from him in 2019. They said it, not me!I also have heard the Floyd comparisons and therefore was not impressed. Now when you instead say Danielle Hunter that is a different story. That would be sweet. So color me as having changed my perception changed on Brian Burns rookie prospects if not maybe right out of the gate but certainly once the second half of the season rolls around. Ron Rivera tracks impact players as part of his player analysis throughout a season. I think he will be pointing to Brian Burns a good amount as a rookie. After reviewing his film, there’s no reason Ed Oliver cannot play defensive tackle in the NFL despite being undersized."Lance Zierlein of caused an uproar among the draft community when he sent out this tweet about Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver. Zierlein isn’t known for reporting an erroneous or false claim. If he’s hearing it, then there’s a good chance that the report deserves merit. Oliver was a five star recruit for Houston. From the moment he stepped on campus Jarius Wright Jersey , he lived up to the hype. My first experience watching Oliver live was in 2016 on a Thursday night in November. 2016 Heisman winner and current Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Lamar Jackson came to Houston looking to build a resume for the playoffs. Oliver stole the show in that game, though. He finished with six tackles, two sacks, a forced fumble and two pass breakups. After studying Oliver last week, it’s clear that he should be treated as a defensive tackle. There are an influx of productive undersized defensive tackles currently in the NFL. Grady Jarrett , Mike Daniels, Geno Atkins, and Aaron Donald are a few who buck the idea that size should matter at the position.Pass rushThe immediate appeal of Oliver stems from his quickness off the ball and immediately wreck havoc. Oliver is lined up as the 3-technique (No. 10 between the guard and tackle) on this play. He is so quick to beat the guard with a nasty swim move that he actually attacks the running back instead of the quarterback. This type of athleticism and quickness can only remind me of Grady Jarrett or dare I say Aaron Donald. Oliver consistently has a plan if his first option isn’t successful. Sacks like this quell the concerns about his strength and ability to disengage. He initially begins his rush up field, but he’s able to disengage once the quarterback steps up to finish the sack. Oliver was constantly a focus for opposing offenses. That rarely slowed him down though. He gets the attention of four(!) players, but he’s still able to force a pressure.He wins immediately with his athleticism Greg Van Roten Color Rush Jersey , but also check out his lower body movement. This play illustrates many reasons why I want Oliver closer to the football. Oliver isn’t just as a one trick guy. He understands how to convert speed to power, which allows him to use effective bull rushes. He lands a punch with excellent hand placement before collapsing the pocket and forcing an inaccurate throw.Run defenseThe concern echoed by Oliver skeptics likely rise from his run defense. I don’t share those concerns. His athleticism helps him beat slower guards to the gaps, but he also has the strength to anchor at times too.This is one of Oliver’s better run stops last season. He locks out his arms on the center, diagnoses the direction of the run, and then does a masterful job of shedding the block to make a tackle for loss. Part of the reason why his undersized frame works for him is he can out leverage the offensive line. On this play , he splits the gap by getting lower than the blockers. He’s able to immediately blow the run up. The offense is running a wide zone to the right, but Oliver’s unique blend of lateral movement allows him to avoid the reach blocks and chase down the run for a loss. Oliver’s disruptive nature should not be underestimated. Many offenses attempted to down block him, but he’s too quick for the guard at the point of attack. More often than not, it results in a loss.Ideally, a defensive coordinator won’t put Oliver in a situation where he has to anchor against double teams. That’s not to say he can’t hold up though. His powerful lower body gives him the capacity to hold his own and allow the linebackers to fill the gaps.Balance issuesA valid concern with Oliver are the amount of times he ends up on the ground. His balance issues stem from his attacking leverage being too high. If he can consistently rush with the desired pad level Carolina Panthers Customized Jerseys , then these issues could be minimized.Fit with CarolinaThe Panthers need interior and edge pass rushers. Oliver is a menace and he should test very well at the Combine. I would welcome Carolina drafting Oliver in the first round. He has a rare blend of flexibility, strength, and athleticism that makes him a unique prospect. I am also strongly against the idea of turning Ed Oliver into a linebacker. He does his best work close to the ball. Keep him there and allow him to flourish. Hopefully he gets to exhibit these traits for the Panthers.
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