The most effective Fatui opponent

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The most effective Fatui opponent

Сообщение ccosplayA » 11 июн 2021, 09:43

Regardless, it is smooth to defeat them if their charging stages are interrupted with the aid of using a strategically picked elemental assault, or with the aid of using making them motionless with Anemo assaults just like the Anemo Traveler or Jean's skill.
Luckily, the shields of a Hydro Skirmisher are smooth to spoil with an Electro individual like Keqing, or a Cryo individual like Ganyu or Chongyun.When in doubt, gamers must goal the Hydro Fatui Skirmisher first if present. The most effective Fatui opponent to have restoration properties, those Skirmishers can single-handedly amplify any combat longer than gamers could like.
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