adidas solarglide 4 running

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adidas solarglide 4 running

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An extra run squeezed in at lunch. An added mile to your daily loop. new adidas shoes 2022 However you go about boosting mileage, these adidas shoes give you the comfort to keep up. Adding stability so you can push farther, they have a supportive upper and a Stable Frame that guides your foot through the gait cycle.

The impressive adidas SOLARGLIDE® 4 running shoes are back to prove why adidas solarglide 4 running they´re ideal to rack up the miles on your smartwatch. Meant for neutral runners, these comfortable and lightweight shoes make running so fun and natural that you won´t even notice you´re wearing them.

What isn´t broken doesn´t have to be fixed, and the boost™ midsole makes a comeback for the ages in the SOLARGLIDE® 4 to give you the energy-packed,dosportslook boost-filled cushioning you know. The Stretchweb rubber outsole sees significant changes; two distinct regions of Continental™ compound rubber provide modular traction tailored to the sole’s highest wear areas.

With a reduced profile and improved aerodynamics, the SOLARGLIDE® 4’s upper is made of Primegreen to reduce these sneakers’ environmental impact. This recycled polyester-based textile mesh is highly breathable and soft, providing 24-hour comfort and freshness. adidas shoes women white The lace closure on the instep gives you a customizable and efficient grip. Built to be your go-to winter runner, these men´s RAIN.RDY shoes are made with a fully-waterproof GORE-TEX upper.
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