The Old City of th

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The Old City of th

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The Old City of the South is a classic ��Nostalgic�� work created by Lin Haiyin��s grandmother based on his personal experience and feelings, based on his childhood life in Beijing. The protagonist is a girl, her name is Lin Yingzi. Lin Haiyin��s grandmother borrowed his childhood from his childhood and wrote ��The Old Things in the South��. The five stories tell the story of the English children from the age of seven to thirteen: ��Hui��an Pavilion��, ��We see "Go to the sea", "Don't beat" and "Daddy's flowers have fallen, I am no longer in the children's book, the English has met a lot of people Wholesale Cigarettes, and I am deeply impressed by the mad woman show in the Hui'an Pavilion. In the hutong where Yingzi lived, there was a ��madman�� who lived in the Hui��an Pavilion. The little friends in the hutong were very afraid of her. They called her ��madman��. Only Yingzi was not afraid of her and talked to her. From her mouth, Yingzi learned that her name was Xiu Yan. When her child, Xiaoguizi, was born, she was thrown away by Xiu's mother. Yingzi is very sympathetic to her Online Cigarettes. Yingzi learned that the life of the little partner girl is very similar to Xiaoguizi, and she found her after the neck, and hurriedly took her to find Xiuyan. After Xiu Yan and her daughter who had been separated for six years, I immediately took the girl to find my father, but they died under the train. The English son was very sad. So, in order to forget the past, the English family moved to the new curtain alley. The girl is not the biological daughter of her father and mother, so the girl's father and mother always abuse the girl, always hit the girl with bruises, nose and face swollen, the girl also from their conversation [from reading know that she is not their biological daughter I am determined to find my own biological parents Newport Cigarettes Coupons. When I know that the girl is the daughter of Xiuyan, I can't help but be happy for the girl, because the girls are finally not subject to their abuse and compared with Yingzi's childhood, our Childhood must be happy and happy. In the summer, we can write homework, play computer or watch TV in the air-conditioned room. In the summer, the Englishman did not even have a fan, and the hot sweat was dripping. We study in spacious and bright classrooms, and now we are compulsory, don't have to pay, some people don't cherish this wonderful learning environment, and don't study well. Yingzi��s school is a broken house, and it is necessary to pay the money to go to school. Therefore, Yingzi cherishes this rare learning environment and studies hard, and his performance is always among the best. Childhood, like a rainbow of seven colors, red, orange, yellow Marlboro Cigarettes, green, green, purple, purple, make our children colorful! Childhood, like the stars in the night, twinkles, sparkling, dotted Our childhood has made it a vibrant childhood, like an endless stream, slowly flowing in my heart Marlboro Lights, let us cherish childhood! South old things> read the poetry of the poet, praising it, everyone Have their own childhood, childhood is an inexhaustible gold mine, every bit of memories are worth cherishing.
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