A gas furnace provides different gases which can be used

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A gas furnace provides different gases which can be used

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BEIJING http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-dave-schultz-jersey , Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- Novozymes, the world's largestproducer of industrial enzymes, is upbeat on growth opportunitiesin China.

The Denmark-based biotech giant will increase investment inChina, including in production and customer-facing activities, asthe company's local business grows, according to Peder HolkNielsen, president and chief executive officer of Novozymes http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-dale-weise-jersey , duringa trip to Beijing Monday.

With a 48 percent market share in industrial enzymes, Novozymesprovide biological solutions for producers of ethanol, bread,detergent and textiles in 130 countries.

In the first half of 2017, Novozymes posted better-than-expectedfinancial results, with its China market being ""a positivesurprise,"" according to Nielsen.

In his eyes http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-colin-mcdonald-jersey , huge changes have taken place in China in the pasttwo decades, and so has the company's business here.

""Compared with over 20 years ago, when there were hardly anycars in Beijing and few high rises on the northeastern third ringroad, Novozymes' business in China is much larger and matters moretoday,"" Nielsen said in an interview. ""Any strategy that goes on inNovozymes today will have an element of China to it, which was notthe case 20 years ago, simply because the opportunities in Chinaare so large and impressive.""

""The main growth opportunities in China are in sectors likehousehold care http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-cole-bardreau-jersey , including laundry and cleaning products, as well asfood and beverage, as China's shift from a global manufacturingcenter to a domestic consumption-led economy means more demand forsuch products,"" Nielsen said. ""China's detergent market is growingvery fast, both liquids and powders. That's something we takeinterest in.""

He believes that ethanol fuel is another market area to watch,and that despite currently being a small player in the biofuelmarket, China will hopefully become a much bigger market with itslarge fleet of cars http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-claude-giroux-jersey , significant gasoline consumption and recentplans to expand ethanol fuel use.

The government last week announced a plan to push nationwide useof bioethanol gasoline by 2020 to cut emissions and fossil fuelconsumption.

""The 2020 ethanol plan for China is exciting for Novozymes. It'salso exciting for the world,"" Nielsen said. ""It needs to get offthe paper and become something that's real.""

""The country's quest for sustainable solutions not only createsopportunities for Novozymes but also is changing businesses allover the world, because the Chinese market is a large driving forceof growth for many foreign companies,"" he said.

Meanwhile, he expected to see better practice of rules inprotection of intellectual property rights, though there has beenimprovement in this field.

With over 1,000 employees in China http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-brian-propp-jersey , Novozymes has grown from asingle office in Beijing in the early 1990s to a network ofresearch and development, production, sales and marketing in sixChinese cities. Enditem

" by Elizabeth Perez

Generally, the aggravation game board is carved out of wood like oak, maple, walnut, and some other kinds of hardwood. Some of these board games are intricately designed with birch tree wood inlays. The shapes are usually octagonal or having eight sides with five to ten holes which can be played by at least four players. Eighteen inches is usually the ideal size of the boards though they can be larger depending on the choice of the user.

Boards are designed to fit a one-inch marble which is which quite safe for some curious little children around. Some thirty years ago a husband and wife team conceived the concept of the aggravation game board. It was for the purpose of having something to pass the time away as an indoor recreation while at home. Based on this concept http://www.philadelphiaflyersteamstore.com/adidas-brian-elliott-jersey , several boards were designed into many different sizes with several numbers of holes to suit the numbers of users.

Board games are indeed a good past time especially when everyone in the family can participate regardless of age or gender. During these days the aggravation game board is still one of those indoor recreational objects that are used for marble games as played by the members of the entire family. Playing those board games is truly exciting and an enjoyable way of strengthening family bonding.

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