China renews blue alert for Typhoon

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China renews blue alert for Typhoon

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CAIRO, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Cairo security chief Khaled Abdel Aal on Sunday made surprise inspection visits to several churches in the Egyptian capital Wholesale Tampa Bay Lightning Hoodies , ordering maximum security around them to prevent terror attacks.

During the visits, which included the tour of Cathedral in Abassia, Aal inspected the security measures taken to protect the churches, amid rising terror attacks recently.

Aal mandated bomb disposal experts to continuously comb the areas around churches across Cairo to achieve the highest level of security.

He ordered the Rapid Deployment Forces to go on patrols around the capital, and mandated the criminal investigation services to increase surveillance by using the cameras in churches.

Aal also directed the field security personnel to constantly coordinate with churches' officials to ensure security.

Such measures were taken under the directives from Egyptian Interior Minister Magdi Abdel Ghaffar Wholesale St. Louis Blues Hoodies , who ordered to ensure maximum security in the capital and around churches.

Egypt has witnessed several major terror attacks against the Christian churches recently, including the two bombing attacks against the Coptic Christian churches in the cities of Alexandria and Tanta in early April. A total of 44 people were killed and 126 others were wounded in the two attacks.

The terror group Islamic State later claimed responsibility for the two attacks, while warning more such attacks would come.

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