In another painting, Liu mixed Chinese tra

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In another painting, Liu mixed Chinese tra

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China has more than 220 million people over 60 years old, 16.

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BEIJING, April 4 (Xinhua) -- He may not talk to you, he may not even listen to you, but he has a knack for communication -- paint.

Liu Yi, 15, who suffers from autism, expresses what he feels and thinks on paintings. Most recently, he "said" he is excited about a possible Winter Olympic Games in China.

"Shen'ao," Liu could mumble the two words meaning "bidding for the Olympics".

He drew ski jumpers, snowboarders, hockey players at the Olympics and wheelchair curlers at the Winter Paralympics.

In another painting, Liu mixed Chinese traditional zodiac of 12 animals with the Olympic sports.

Liu is among a very small group of talented autistic children while much more children with autism are shut in their own worlds, having difficulty communicating and interacting.

A Beijing volunteer posted Liu's works on website on the 8th World Autism Awareness Day which fell on Thursday, drawing huge attention to the "children of stars".

In China, more than 13 million people suffering from autism, including an estimated 1.8 million children, while worldwide autism has an incidence of between one and two percent worldwide.

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