I don't want to talk about DRS

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I don't want to talk about DRS

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"I don't want to talk about DRS. It's just - it is what it is. A lot of balls seem to be going over the top of the stumps, I know that, that live don't look like they are. So yeah Cheap Cigarettes Outlet, it is what it is. Look it's not a perfect system and I haven't got the answers. It's just frustrating, I'd imagine it's frustrating for everyone."

The fortunes of Mitchell Starc have waned considerably in recent months, and he has tallied 12 wickets at 48.66 since his most recent five-wicket haul in Australia's most recent Test victory, over South Africa at Durban in March Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Paine, though, countered arguments about some of his more wayward moments in Adelaide by saying that overall the left-armer was gaining in consistency rather than losing. A fiery pitch predicted for the new Perth Stadium from Friday will help, too.

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