cheap full lace wigs across the street

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cheap full lace wigs across the street

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Zhou knows the feeling well. “The moment I became determined to shave my head was the moment I had to face the reality that I was a cancer patient,” she says. As the razor sheared off the last few strands of hair, the young woman remembers bursting into tears.According to Dai Wenyao, a social worker at Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, hair loss often deals a blow to the already-low morale of many cancer patients. “A simple wig can help them rebuild their confidence,” she tells Sixth Tone.Qin Dandan, a stylist at Pinqin who is also the owner’s sister, says this is precisely the goal of the wig shop: “Many who come here hope and long for something beautiful in their life.” Putting the long, messy wigs purchased from manufacturers on mannequin heads, the 25-year-old turns them into fashionable hairstyles.
Now, around 20 customers come through Qin’s shop every day, most of them visiting after treatment at the hospital across the street. One of them is 26-year-old Zhou Shuwen. The university administrator from southwestern China’s Yunnan province was diagnosed with breast cancer last June, just as she was considering applying to a Ph.D. program and had begun planning her wedding, set to take place in March. But all that came to a halt.I used to assume that this disease would only strike middle-aged women. I never thought that I would have it at such a young age,” she says.
After she was diagnosed in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan, Zhou began treatment that led to pain, fatigue, and severe allergies — though her side effects were far more mild than those of fellow patients who experienced vomiting and could barely eat.In China, more than 3.1 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the disease causes over 2 million deaths annually. While both numbers continue to rise, chemotherapy remains one of the most common cancer treatments in China. Most patients start to lose their hair soon after therapy starts, and many eventually choose to shave their heads.To some, it is one of the most emotional moments of their life. “Many patients have told me that they didn’t cry when they were told they had cancer,” Qin says. “But they cried when they saw the first tuft of hair shaved off their heads.
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