adidas mens shoes 2017 sale

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adidas mens shoes 2017 sale

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Taking inspiration from the adidas white shoes womens tennis legend Rod Laver’s signature shoe by Adidas, these futuristic high tops are a great example of what Y-3 is all about, adding fresh impetus to a classic design. This high fashion silhouette really catches the eye with extravagant upper detailing; the only gripe you could have is that it isn’t as wearable for everyday style as the Honja for example.

adidas Y-3 is adidas shoes white and black surely “the future of sportswear”, as they call themselves. This time, they have created a forward-thinking silhouette in an all-black colorway for unrivalled fit and support.

Y3 represents one of a number adidas y3 pure boost zg of successful branches of the Adidas family tree which includes other successful collaborations and micro brands in partnership with Stella McCartney and “Porshe Design Sport”, these lines boost reach into different segments of the market, particularly the higher end of the market, blurring the traditional boundaries between high fashion and casual sports attire.

Fashion and sportswear adidas mens shoes 2017 sale have often found themselves using the same thought process, how to dress the body for its daily endurances. With Yamamoto’s designs exploring structure, silhouettes and perceptions of body’s moving inside of clothes, Y-3 introduced adidas to a more elite segment of the fashion market.
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