In my hometown, there is a famous

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In my hometown, there is a famous

Сообщение ylq » 06 июл 2018, 11:06

In my hometown, there is a famous "famous mountain" called Yulong Mountain. It is both high and dangerous Newport Cigarettes, beautiful and full of color, but the deepest thing left in my heart is its "beauty." day last year, I was fortunate enough to come to Yulong Mountain and ride to the foot of the mountain. The green trees are in the eyes Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. The mountains are all trees, green and green leaves, and the thick branches are refreshing and refreshing. Looking at the orderly green, I gradually feel the simplicity and color of nature, how fascinating! A bird flies to the branch and sings a song cheerfully. Isn't it a tribute to the masterpiece created by nature for the creatures? A small insect, a butterfly, a tree... all set a beautiful stroke for nature, and also added beauty and magic to Yulong Mountain. This kind of beauty is not the general beauty, but the beauty of nature!lking into the mountain trails and counting the fine marbles, I seem to see the hard work of the engineers. Looking at these marbles, I seem to see engineers trying to make people appreciate as soon as possible, to play the mountain, to walk into nature happier, not afraid of hard work, working day and night. This kind of beauty is a spiritual beauty and a "beauty" that loves the people Cigarettes Cheaper.e top of the mountain, the steep cliffs, the tall and straight canyons, it is daunting to look at. On the top of the mountain, everything has changed a lot, and the atmosphere of the mountains has changed. The cloud seems to be only a few inches high from me, and the foot seems to be a bottomless abyss.breeze blew through my forehead How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and a large rock in the cliff was falling from the cliff Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, shaking me with trepidation. The variety ter playing in the mountains for a few hours, we reluctantly went underground. At this time, near dusk, the sky swept a group of homing birds, the sun gradually fell, the green Jade Dragon Mountain showed a state of falling asleep, gradually, gradually... falling asleep.
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